Altinova, the Capital of Mediah. Also serving as a gateway to the Valencia region. Altinova and the surrounding Mediah Content was added March, 30, 2016. Created by traders from the Median merchant guild.

Important NPC's Edit

Stable Keepers Edit

  • Meisha:

Skill Instructor Edit

  • Abdul Jaum: 

Storage Keeper Edit

  • Deve:

Trade Manager Edit

  • Quina:

Vendors Edit

  • Blacksmith:
  • General Goods:
  • Guild Manager:
  • Jeweler:
  • Luxury Vendor:
  • Seed Vendor:
  • Work Overseer:
  • Arms Dealer:
  • Furniture Vendor:
  • Materials Vendor:
  • Marketplace Director:

Connected Nodes Edit

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