Inv special beer Weight 0.1 LT
Stack 500
Weight 0.1 LT
Crafting Cooking
Description A weak liquor with grains.
Unique Effect Restore +2 Worker Stamina (Use through the Worker Menu on the world Map)
How to Obtain It can be cooked at your House.
Cooldown 1
Price Silver 86

Beer in Black Desert Online is used to replenish workers that are tired from performing tasks.

Beer can be crafted using a Cooking Utensil placed in a residence you own.

The ingredients are:

  • 5 grain (can be replaced with 1 item of top quality or 2 items of high quality)
  • 6 Mineral Water (with at least cooking apprentice level 5 is usually enough)

To use Beer on a worker the worker must be idle and the beer must be in your inventory, not in warehouse storage. Press 'M' to open the map and click the "worker list" button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (it looks like a pick axe with a goblin face over it). On the right hand side of each worker there will be 2 buttons, the top button, "Recover", allows you to feed workers. Click Recover and right click the beer item to feed to your worker one beer. Shift-right clicking the beer will feed them as many beers from your inventory as it takes to get them to full Action Points.


Put in only the needed ingredients for one beer and then press "Continuous Production". That way you won´t waste any items

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