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Blizzard is a combat ability for the Witch and Wizard.


Base statsEdit

  • MP cost: 250
  • Cooldown: 2 mins
  • Damage 788% x 7 hits
  • Additional Damage 1% of Max MP per hit (Proportionally reduced in PVP.)
  • Accuracy +2.5%
  • All targets will be slowed down.
  • MP will constantly drain while Blizzard is in effect.
  • When used while mounted on a horse, the Blizzard will last only half the time.

Per rankEdit

  • +50 mana (-200 at rank 4)
  • - 20 seconds cooldown
  • +66% damage
  • +0.5% max MP damage
  • +5% accuracy


Rank Lvl Req. SP MP cost Cooldown Damage MP damage Accuracy

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