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Calpheon is the largest trading hub in Black Desert Online. The name refers to both, the Calpheon territory and the city of Calpheon. The latter is the ruling seat of the Republic of Calpheon, a faction that has subjected both Serendia's and Balenos' territory currently and is in a long standing bloody struggle with the Kingdom of Valencia. Calpheon city is further the origin of the Xian Merchant Guild.

The city is situated on the west side of the map, surrounded by many farms. Although the Calpheon territory is a large area, there are few resources scattered about with most places of interest being dangerous zones for players.

Some of these resources include alchemy ingredients, wood and mining areas.

Main Nodes in Calpheon Edit

Cities Edit

  1. Calpheon

Towns Edit

  1. Epheria
  2. Florin
  3. Northern Mill
  4. Keplan
  5. Behr
  6. Trent

Strongholds Edit

  1. Epalia Guard Post
  2. Olsters Bridge Post
  3. Troll Defense Camp
  4. Isolated Sentry Post
  5. Calpheon Castle
  6. Northern Kaia Ferry
  7. Southern Kaia Ferry
  8. Rhutum Sentry Post
  9. Abandoned Monastery
  10. Trina Fortification
  11. Trina Beacon
  12. Entry Beacon
  13. Marni Cave Route
  14. Closed Western Gate
  15. Delpa Knights Castle
  16. Delpa Outpost

Connections Edit

  1. Forsaken Land
  2. Gynt Hill
  3. Ephiria Gorge
  4. Epheria Pass
  5. Elder Bridge
  6. Therman Foothills
  7. Bree Arbor Ruins
  8. Calpheon Castle Ruins
  9. Ent Forest
  10. Lumberyard Shelter
  11. Behr Downstream
  12. Bare Reservoir
  13. Poniel Cabin Entrance
  14. Lua Arbor Base
  15. Mari Cavern
  16. Hexe Stone Wall
  17. Geaku Prairie
  18. Flan Cake Hill
  19. Tart Crag Junction
  20. Keplan Quarry
  21. Keplan Vincinity
  22. Mariner Farm Ruins
  23. Masked Owl Ruins
  24. Florin Gateway

Trade Routes Edit

  1. Tainted Farm
  2. Diase Farm
  3. Bernianto Farm
  4. Palruce Cattle Ranch
  5. Garvino Farm
  6. Cohen Farm
  7. Manysa Forest
  8. Tobare Shanty
  9. Poniel Cottage
  10. Oberen Farm
  11. Vine Farmlands
  12. Dane Canyon
  13. Depleted Quarry
  14. Gianin Farm
  15. Sait Quarry
  16. Gynip Arbor Reconnaissance Post

Hazards Edit

  1. Abandoned Quarry
  2. Bradi Fortress
  3. Catfishman Camp
  4. Coronda Ridge
  5. Creo Village
  6. Glutonia Cavern
  7. Gynip Arbor Forest
  8. Hex Sanctuary
  9. Kaia Lake
  10. Kaplath Cavern
  11. Kruto Cavern
  12. Lutom Tribe Post
  13. Marni's Laboratory
  14. Northern Abandoned Quarry
  15. Northern Kaia Mountain Summit
  16. Old Dandelion
  17. Oze Pass
  18. Oze's House
  19. Southern Neutral Zone
  20. Sunil Camp
  21. Sunil Stretch
  22. Titan Post
  23. Viragi Stronghold
  24. Western Calpheon Castle Ruins Forest
  25. Witch's Chapel

Resource Nodes Edit

Alchemy Edit

  1. Bree Arbor

Farming Edit

Logging Edit

  1. Bree Arbor

Mining Edit

Investments Edit

  1. Calpheon
  2. Northern Mill farm
  3. Coplan
  4. Florin Village

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