-Black Desert Online- The Story of the Black Desert16:46

-Black Desert Online- The Story of the Black Desert

The background story of the world of Black desert is full of large wars and struggles for power either through trade or control of the Black Stones.

The timeline is still in dispute as some released lore pieces are confusing (only translated from Korean sources by enthusiasts) or potentially even contradicting and contain holes. The world seems to follow a cultural layout similar to Europe with the Spanish/French seeming aggressive trade monarchy-turned Republic of Calpheon in the west, the rather neutral and small Balenos, Serendia and Media in the middle and the more spiritual oriented Kingdom of Valencia in the east reminding of the Ottoman Empire.

So far the calendar of Black Desert seems uniformly to be the Ellon calendar.

While the Calpheon, Serendia and Balenos province mostly seem to follow Elion the god of Valencia is exclusively Ah-Al.

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