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Concentrated Magic Arrow is a combat skill available to the Witch and Wizard. When cast, it unleashes a concentrated energy blast which hits multiple targets.


Base statsEdit

  • MP cost: 40
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds
  • Damage 635% x 2 hits
  • 20% chance of Critical Hit
  • Accuracy +7.5%
  • Max 3 targets
  • Inflicts Stiffness on hit (Except if used during cooldown)
  • Down Attack

Per rankEdit

  • -10 MP cost
  • -1 seconds cooldown at max rank
  • +132% damage
  • +10% critical hit chance
  • +1 max targets
  • +3.5% of max MP as additional damage at max rank (Proportionally reduced in PvP)


Rank Lvl Req. SP MP cost Cooldown Damage Crit chance Max targets MP damage

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