The Dark Knight is a traveler from Kamasilve, a wielder of dark elemental magics via her elemental swords and her controlling magical glove.

The Dark Knight is a member of the Vedir, the faction of Kamasilve elves who follow Vedir, one of the children of Sylvia, the goddess who created them. As followers of the moon, they are in opposition to the Ganelle, followers of the sun. Note that Rangers are of the Ganelle faction.

The Dark Knight has an incredible variety of ranged and melee skills, and can constantly be in motion, making her hard to hit. Once awakened, her skills give her almost no need for critical bonuses, allowing the player to focus on other stats, such as attack speed. Dark Knights can be extremely effective in both PVE and PVP play.

Play Style Edit

The Dark Knight uses a Kriegsmesser as their primary weapon and an ornamental knot as their secondary. Their awakening weapon is called the Vediant. The Kriegsmesser offers a wide array of crowd control skills coupled with good to high damage. Awakened, the Dark Knight skill set has fewer crowd control skills but transitioning back and forth between the two weapons is seamless and easy to master. The awakened damage of the Vediant is notably more powerful than the damage of the Kriegsmesser.

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