Introduction Edit

Hunting is one of the mini-games found in Black Desert. It allows you to kill wildlife with a rifle and eventually leads to killing the King Whale which drops valuable meat, jewelry, and more.

Getting Started Edit

To start hunting go to Velia and speak with the Guild Manager, he will offer to rent you a training rifle. Once you have the training rifle talk to the Fishing NPC near the warehouse and accept your first hunting quest. The quest will have you kill seagulls. Once you have completed the first hunting quest you will want to get a real rifle, these may be purchased off the auction house or you can craft one with a Tool Workshop.

Additionally you will want to bring a butcher or tanning knife, to get EXP from hunting you must harvest the animal you hunted.

Next head to North Kai Ferry, across the road you will find a second Hunting quest, this time to kill jellyfish in Kai Lake. Complete this quest and you will no longer need the training rifle.

Hunting Zones Edit

There are two types of monsters that you can hunt at low level:

  1. Small Whales – These spawn alone and can drop many items such as blackstones, sockets, whale meat, seaweed and starfish. To hunt these you will need a boat, hunting rifle and a knife for tannery/slaughter.
  2. Crocodiles – These spawn in packs of three and can drop blackstones, sockets and crocodile meat. To hunt these you will need a hunting rifle and a knife for tannery/slaughter.

King Whale Edit

The King Whale spawns randomly in the ocean. Once discovered it will be announced to the server and you may begin killing it. Typically it will take three groups of five with moderate to high hunting proficiency. The top three groups who deal damage to the King Whale will be announced when it dies and they will receive loot as well as hunting exp.

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