Knowledge is a point system based on information you obtain as you travel through Black Desert. You gain different types of knowledge by hunting, exploration, questing, and conversing with NPCs.  Knowl1
"Esc" Menu to open the knowledge screen.
List of all Knowledge categories and how many you've unlocked.
Visual indication of a field of knowledge (and what percent you've learned of it).

Types of Knowledge Edit

  • NPC - Obtained via conversations, interest and quest reward.
  • Ecology - Acquired by hunting monsters.
  • Study - Certain NPCs will let you spend energy to gain new knowledge.

 Amity Edit

Amity affects how easily an NPC will converse with you. You can increase your Amity by greeting the NPC as you approach them as well as through Conversations. Greeting an NPC (F1) will cost three energy.

Conversations Edit

When speaking to an NPC you will have an option to begin a Conversation. This will bring up a new interface that shows the NPC's constellation. You will then have the option to select information about other NPCs you have met and share stories about them. If you succeed in your conversation you will be awarded with additional Amity.
After a successful conversation, you will be given an option to have a second conversation for even greater rewards. However, should you fail, you will receive no rewards. Up to three conversations can be chained together in this way for maximum amity rewards. (Keep in mind that the conversation goal will be randomly selected for each individual conversation).

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