Pwm skill 0827 1

Lightning Chain is a combat ability for the Witch and Wizard.


Base statsEdit

MP cost: 20

  • Damage 161% x 4 hits
  • Can use up to 2 times in a row
  • Accuracy +2.5%
  • Max 3 targets
  • Inflicts Stiffness on hit
  • If unmounted, the Lightning Storm buff is effective and lasts for 7 seconds after using Lightning Chain
  • All targets are electrocuted and slowed down.
  • Damage slightly reduced if used successively.

Per rankEdit

  • +15 MP cost
  • +76% damage
  • +1 consecutive cast
  • +1.25% accuracy
  • +1 max targets


Rank Lvl Req. SP MP cost Damage Consecutive casts Accuracy Max targets

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