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The Musa (Korean Swordfighter) is one of the classes in the game available to players. These fierce warriors hone their skills towards a broad destructive force intent on creating maximum havoc on the battlefield, while maintaining the nimble and illusive style required of those who shed armor in favor of speed. Musa are the male counterpart to Maehwa .

Play Style Edit

While nearly identical to the Maehwa, Musa have a few differences in their skill set and general combat mindset. They are very adept at being able to weave in and out of close range and mid range combat to utilize their hybrid mechanics. The key difference between the two involves Bladers being more AoE centric in their play style, as a few of their skills allow for a broader scope of damage.

This gives them a little more utility in group fights in regards to PvP, and makes their life a bit easier in PvE grinding. They still run very light armor and rely heavily on mobility to sustain them in fights, making sieges and larger fights tricky for novice players.

New players are advised to keep in mind there is a bit of a learning curve involved with any low armor class in Black Desert, as they are less forgiving of mistakes. Ultimately Bladers are a very dynamic and fun class to play, that allows for plenty of growth into Expert play, while still accessible to newer players.

Skills Edit

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