Races Edit

Humans Edit

Most common playable race. You can play a Human on the following classes: Wizard, Witch, Valkyrie, Sorceress, Berserker, Kunoichi, Ninja, Maehwa, Musa, and Tamer. 

Elves Edit

Race only playable as a female. To play an Elf, you must choose the Ranger class.

Giants Edit

Race only playable as a male. To play a Giant, you must choose the Beserker class.

Dwarves Edit

Perhaps the most anticipated race promised to the Black Desert community. Pearl Abyss has not said much about the race's development, but it is apparent that Dwarves play an active role in the world.

Hobbits Edit

They, like Dwarves, are very present in the Black Desert world. When they will be playable is unknown.

Dark Elves: Edit

There has only been rumor about this race. Dark Elves have been briefly mentioned in a press conference along with new lands, new mounts, and new sea content such as naval battles. Whether or not they will actually be implemented is unknown officially. If to be implemented, Dark Elves will probably be seen in the distant future, some time after Dwarves and Hobbits most likely.

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