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There are few as adept at striking fear into the hearts of their foes from a distance, as those who bear the title of Ranger. The blinding speed at which they can unleash a slew of deadly arrows is often all it takes to scatter and break any who stand in their way.

Play Style Edit

Ranger is a DPS class meaning she has very strong single target damage abilities. Even simple bow attacks deal good damage. If you have enough skills to kite and avoid attacks you can be serious threat to other players in PvP. While they certainly have skills in the event opponents do make it close, their most damaging abilities are best suited for mid range combat.

Ranger has some Area of Effect skills that allow her to stun groups of enemies at a time. This makes them equally good in PvE, and reasonably forgiving as long as you play to it's strengths. Controlling enemies is one of the most important aspects of being a ranger. As it was said above there is a special stunning skill which can control enemies, but it’s not the only way to do it. There is one more way to control opponents – use kicks. Kicks make enemies feel dizzy. This effect is like a stun but when you hit enemy once more the dizzy disappears. This may help you to increase distance if enemies come close.

Not everyone will find Archers to fit their style of play due to the nature of kiting, but those who stick with it will find there is decent growth for expert level play.

Skills Edit

Active SkillsEdit

Bow Edit

Icon Name/


Description Min Level Max Level Control Video
Pew skill 1002 1

Bow Mastery

1 ~ 10

This skill is automatically learned as you become more efficient with the bow. 
  • Damage 102%
  • Accuracy -0.5%
  • Max 4 Hits
  • Damage 290%
  • Accuracy +6.25%
  • Max 6 Hits
  • Bow Mastery Level 1
  • Bow Mastery Level 2
  • Bow Mastery Level 3


Icon Name/


Description Min Level Max Level Control Video
Crescent Kick

1 ~ 4

Spin backward in the air and kick an enemy to knock back.
  • Damage 99% x2
  • Offset Debuff
  • Damage 160% x3
  • Additional Damage 435%
  • Attack Range +15%
  • Crescent Kick Level 1
  • Crescent Kick Level 2
  • Crescent Kick Level 3
  • Crescent Kick Level 4

Passive Skills Edit

Icon Name/


Description Min level Max Level Control Video

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