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Black Desert Lore - Heidel & Serendia

Serendia is one of the main regions in Black Desert. It is the home of a kingdom under King Crucio with seat in Heidel City. The king was kidnapped by the invading army of the Republic of Calpheon until recently and only released after he agreed on their terms. Thus Serendia is now under Calpheon's rule.

The king is since his release worryingly withdrawn and Grand Chamberlain Jordine has stepped into the power vacuum. There are claims that Jordine does not put the future of Serendia as his priority but rather his ascension to power. Namely war veteran Commander Cliff, who is now stationed in Balenos, is vocal about his belief that "Jordine can not be trusted!".

The colors of Serendia are white and green and its symbol is a lion's head.

Serendia symbol
Symbol heidel castle
Smybol serendia
Heidel guard

 Main Nodes in Serendia Edit

Cities Edit

  1. Heidel

Towns Edit

  1. Glish

Strongholds Edit

  1. Northern Guard Camp
  2. Central Guard Camp
  3. Eastern Gateway
  4. Eastern Boundary
  5. Southern Guard Camp

Connections Edit

  1. Northern Hidel Quarry
  2. Orc Camp
  3. Watch Tower
  4. Glish Ruins
  5. Southern Cienaga

Trade Routes Edit

  1. Alejandro Farm
  2. Costa Farm
  3. Northern Cienaga
  4. Moretti Plantation

Hazards Edit

  1. Serendia Shrine
  2. Bradie Fortress
  3. Castle Ruins
  4. Southern Neutral Zone
  5. Bloody Monastery

Resource Nodes Edit

Alchemy Edit

Farming Edit

Logging Edit

Mining Edit

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