Takes a and female horse, regardless of available breedings left, and consumes both to produce a foal.

Mating Market Edit

Register horses

Buy/sell horses to other players.

Horse Register Edit

Register a horse from your inventory to be added to the stable.

Horse Information Edit

Displays horse information.

Technology Change Edit

Change's a horse's skills.

Horse Menu Edit

Find Edit

Locates current horse you are using.

Release Edit

Releases the horse from your stables.

Recovery Edit

Heals the horse's Health and Stamina.

Horse Market Registration Edit

Registers your horse on the Horse Market.

Breeding Market Registration Edit

Registers your horse on the Breeding Market.

Name Change Edit

Can change the name using a Name Change Ticket from the cash shop.

Remove Deaths Edit

Uses a cash shop item to reset the number of deaths of the horse to zero.

Reset Breed Count Edit

Increases the available breed counter for the horse.

Stamping Edit

Stamps your horse to reduce recovery costs by one-third using a cash shop item.

External Changes Edit

Changes the appearance of the horse.

Wagon Connection Edit

If you have a horse and carriage inside of a stable, you can connect them together via this option.

The maximum number of horses you can connect to the carriage varies by carriage type. While connected, the carriage will take up an extra stable slot alongside the horses connected to it. For example, if you had a Noble Carriage with 4 horses connected to it, you would need a total of 5 stable slots for the connection. Using carriages to move from city to city, you can level multiple horses at a single time.

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