Map of Black Desert.

The world of Black Desert consists of a very large main continent and a few small islands in the north west. Only a part of the continent is currently accessible. It is assumed that the continent is in the southern hemisphere of the world - which seems to have no name.

The parts not currently charted and accessible for the areas known to exist are rumored to include

  • the lands of the "Far East" from where Asian-looking travelers sometimes show up
  • the mythical origin of the Valencia people on a large island or continent in the west called Selenaera

At release in North America the year is roughly 50 years after the death of Valencian king Imur Nesser which means the game starts in the year 316 of the Ellon calendar.

Provinces Edit

There are five provinces.

Calpheon symbol
Balenos (where everyone starts)
Balenos symbol
Media symbol
Valencia symbol
Serendia symbol

Calpheon refers to the desert surrounding Valencia as the Black Desert due to the Black Stones found there. But Valencia calls it the Red Desert because of the blood spilled in it.

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